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Activities and Services


Initial advice


Bimatek together with partners located throughout the national territory, provides all the information on the possibility of replacing a diesel , biomass , LPG and methane winter air conditioning system , providing detailed estimates and business plans that describe the break-even point, that is, how long it will take for the installation costs to be canceled out by the savings on the use of renewable fuel.


Design Service

On request we can provide the service of

- plant design

- ISPESL practices

- Fire Brigade practices

- ASL practices

- thermal power plant and system booklets

- energy certification

through selected technical partners.
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Supply of the best products available on the market

Bimatek is distributor of the HDG Bavaria brand, a German manufacturer of wood biomass boilers from 30 to 400 kW, market leader. We have other prestigious brands available for thermal power station components; solar thermal collectors that are well coupled to biomass boilers; Burckhardt pellet cogenerators from 50 kWel and micro-cogenerators from 3 to 100 kWel; wood biomass boilers Agro Forst & Energietechnik up to 18 MW for steam, superheated water and diathermic oil

System assembly and installation service


For the plumbing installation we make use of the collaboration of the best installers in the area where you live , assuming our own responsibility for the work carried out.

After-sales assistance

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Bimatek   collaborates closely with 15 "Assistance Centres" authorized to operate on biomass boilers of the main brands, making the assistant's journey shorter in the event of breakdowns, for switching on and periodically checking the boilers.


Service for obtaining state incentives

Bimatek is associated with AIEL, an association of the " wood-energy " supply chain, with some other prestigious technical partners it provides the service of quantifying and managing the practices for compliance with the "Conto Termica 2.0" awards as well as the "White Certificates" as well as the certification of self-produced chips.

Search service for the best financing for energy efficiency projects


Bimatek collaborates with prestigious credit institutes that offer " operating rental " and with the best ESCos (Energy Service Companies) for the search for financing for the entire efficiency improvement project.

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