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Wood biomass


Is there enough wood to fuel the boilers?

The Italian forest area today extends over almost 10 million hectares. Every year the forest grows by a volume of wood equal to 32.5 million cubic meters, against a withdrawal of wood from the forest (with the cutting of trees to obtain building material and biomass for energy purposes) equal to only 7 .7 million cubic meters. Contrary to popular belief, therefore, the Italian forest is growing! by how much? Of 1,000 m² every minute.


Why is wood convenient?

The replacement of fossil fuels with woody biomass does not only benefit the environment, reducing the contribution of CO2, a climate-altering gas, one of the causes of global warming, it is a concrete system for reducing all those energy costs which until yesterday were considered incompressible, especially from manufacturing companies.


Warming up with wood gives value to the territory

This video, made by the Austrian biomass association and promoted by AIEL, shows how the substitution of fossil fuels is useful for job creation and a sustainable "circular economy".

​Thanks to the example of Hartberg (AT) it is demonstrated that with biomass energy millions of € are saved for the purchase of fuels, thousands of tons of CO2 are reduced and jobs can be produced 7 times more' compared to fossil fuel.

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